LED Purple Rope Light
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M6 LED Mini Lights
Angel with horn
Wire Frame Clips
Red to Green Morphing Lights
Dimable Spot Light
Wire Frame Tree's
Funny Reindeer
Blue Icicles
RED 105L Net
Combo Clips
yellow LED tree
Mini Tree's
Rope light snowflake
Rope Lined Santa
Rope Smowflake
Cherry BlossomYour Sliding Content Here
Combo Clips
Elf Candle frame
Tinkle Bells
Snowfall Light CurtainYour Sliding Content Here

C7 Pink LED Retrofit
SPT Wire
3D Star

Aluminum Ball                                                        New Wire Frames
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 *Note* 99% of our lights are Pro Grade full wave (no flicker), dimable and sealed one peice construction. The lights that are not full wave are only on the clearance page and will state half wave or standard and will also state replaceable or non replaceable. Any light strings that are not dimable will say so in the description.

99.9% of our wire frames are made with 1/4" rod. The wire frames that are not 1/4", it will be noted in the description of that wire frame.


Check Out The Snowfall Lights - Our number 1 seller for the past four years.

The tree's in the picture below are wrapped with the LED 5MM Concave light strings. Also known as wide angle 5mm and button lights.